Catherine Gammon

The composition is the thing seen by everyone living in the living they are doing, they are the composing of the composition that at the time they are living is the composition of the time in which they are living… Gertrude Stein

Some good news in challenging times

First, my novel CHINA BLUE will be published in spring 2021 by Bridge Eight Press. They have posted a beautiful announcement in appreciation of the manuscript, and I look forward to working with them on it.

And second, “Ursula and Will,” which appeared in the Winter 2019 Missouri Review, is now available to read online, here.


“Eudora Loved Her Life”


Cincinnati Review 16.2

Now available, with my recent story “Eudora Loved Her Life.”







New stories forthcoming…

“Eudora Loved Her Life” in the fall issue of Cinncinnati Review.

“Ursula and Will” in the winter issue of Missouri Review.


Nightbirds in an Age of Light

Invocation,” the opening chapter of my novel exploring the Salem witchraft trials, recently appeared in the New England Review, and NER followed up with this generous online interview.

The novel, NIGHTBIRDS IN AN AGE OF LIGHT, remains unpublished and available for consideration by editors and agents.



Beauty & the Beast

Jennifer Vosters (@JAVosters) has just reviewed my collection Beauty and the Beast on Grab the Lapels (self-coverBBpublished with in 2012), and I couldn’t appreciate her response more.

Please give her review a read and consider picking up the book — directly from or from Amazon.

In Pittsburgh once again …

Got the garden in …

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Got some house plants …

… and some painting done …

2017-05-30 11.49.57

Got the cat …


Saw some Juliet excerpts appear at The Collagist


Went to Brooklyn to sew …

2017-04-13 15.30.11

… and to sit with Reb …




And I’m getting ready for one more event …


Writing As A Wisdom Project

9:00 – 5:00 on Saturday June 17, 2017, Stillpoint Zen Community, Lawrenceville


Combining meditation in the Zen tradition with the practice of imaginative writing, this workshop invites intimate and creative study of the mind. Read the rest of this entry »

I Came Back to Green Gulch…

I led the New Year’s retreat, offering Writing As A Wisdom Project and related dharma teaching, then became the Green Gulch tenzo. So much to say about this and nothing to say. So much to learn, constantly being learned. Not a lot of sleep. Not a time or place for writing. Family far away. Little time online. Little daily news. And beautiful Green Gulch … beautiful place of practice. A perpetual dilemma …


Meanwhile I gave a Sunday dharma talk … accessible via Dropbox with this link: Finding Stillness in the Midst of the Hurly Burly.

Shortly before I came back, a couple of short fictions appeared in the world — “What is Romeo?” at The Collagist and “In Absence” at Kenyon Review Online.

I hope something in this strange assortment of offerings strikes a chord. And may this quick and summary post find everyone well and happy and enjoying friends and peace.



Faces of Dancing Mountains

After five weeks in England with the Dancing Mountains U.K. sangha, offering a series of retreats and talks, and meeting again with many old friends — a photo album.

First we had a cozy weekend retreat at the Sandymount Retreat Centre in Crosby (where Antony Gormley’s “Another Place” Iron Men walk into the water) – ending with a quick photo before we said goodbye.

agm retreat

The next evening I joined the Chester Zen Group for their regular sitting, then had a bit of rest and walks at the River Dee with Kath Bennett  and in the woods near Frances Collins’ house.




Next stop was Hebden Bridge, for a series of events including a half day sit, an evening discussion session, a Writing As A Wisdom Project day, and a formal day of sitting. Here are the WWP retreatants, at the door of Hope House.

2015-04-25 14.10.53

South to Totnes for a talk at the Golden Buddha and Writing As A Wisdom Project at Harbour House, Kingsbridge, then to Glastonbury for a day of rakusu sewing with Devin Ashwood and company—

rakusu sewing

In London, with Diana Gerard—

2015-05-06 14.00.31

and with Lucy Ellis seeing me off —

2015-05-07 09.53.04









—to land at the Grange in Norfolk for a magical Writing As a Wisdom Project weekend retreat, beautifully organized by Carol Hunter and tenzo’ed by John Preston.

2015-05-08 10.44.582015-05-08 10.39.58



2015-05-08 10.34.25

norfolk retreatThank you again to everyone in the U.K. who helped to make this such a memorable journey of teaching and retreat.

Love and gassho to all.


2015-05-08 10.19.562015-05-08 10.30.482015-05-08 10.41.372015-05-08 10.19.45 2015-05-08 10.19.19



Last Days First

2015-05-18 14.34.33

More to follow here in the next few days, with dharma words and photos from my Dancing Mountains visit to England.  But first —

Back in the USA … with Flo and Angus in Montauk, before heading to the Cape to pack up the car and move to Brooklyn for the summer …

And slowly working backward, at the end of the dharma travels, I shared a few long days in London with an old college friend, Nancy Stenson — here in a brief crossing of paths at Paddington Station with another old friend from college, Ken East — last time all three were together was 1974,  and in London then too.

20150511_173138with Ken et al


Some much younger pix of the three of us, with Rich, Carl, and Karen —

and one with Paul Devore and baby Heather (that’s me down in the bottom left corner) —

Nancy Ken baby H. and Paul D


After the nostalgia, Nancy and I had a busy two days of London touring — a few highlights follow — but thanks to “improvements” at WordPress I’m not able to control the layout or the relationship of words to images … I had it all worked out in the old style publisher but made the mistake of editing once in the new one … now I cannot access the old style at all … once upon a time WordPress gave me a choice… but in complaining, I digress, and digression allows me to get the next set of words in more or less the right place …

from the National Gallery …2015-05-13 13.41.57

the Tate Britain … then a walk along the water, with views of architectural contrast…



and a post-election tunnel …2015-05-13 19.13.39in Peckham Rye …2015-05-13 19.12.21

After the first weekend

Photo courtesy of Devin Ashwood after our weekend Dancing Mountains retreat and DM annual meeting at the Sandymount Retreat Centre in Crosby (north of Liverpool) — with Steve, Devin, Chris, Karen, Frances, and Kath.

agm retreat

Next up, an evening with the Chester sangha, then an extended Hebden Bridge weekend, “If a true word can’t be spoken…” — with half day sitting, full day sitting, Writing As a Wisdom Project, and weather permitting an excursion to Top Withens, the original of Wuthering Heights — details here.