rants and raves

by Catherine Gammon

Tired of facebook as a site for posting links to the wild world that might otherwise be lonely rants and raves, I finally move over from blogspot to wordpress. Will I be any more active here than on blogspot or less active finally on facebook? Remains to be seen. I still prefer paper. And movies. But the world is aglow with disaster and coming catastrophe. The question is over and over, what is to be done? At Green Gulch for sesshin I was reminded, again, deeply reminded, that whatever improvement may be brought to bear on the material, apparently external situation, the suffering continues in our hearts and minds until we learn to work with it toward liberation. Nothing like sesshin to get the priorities realigned. Was setting up a WordPress home a priority for this day? Not even on my list. Just a response to incoming… thank you, Chris Tittle. Say hello to Totnes for me.