Last Days First

by Catherine Gammon

2015-05-18 14.34.33

More to follow here in the next few days, with dharma words and photos from my Dancing Mountains visit to England.  But first —

Back in the USA … with Flo and Angus in Montauk, before heading to the Cape to pack up the car and move to Brooklyn for the summer …

And slowly working backward, at the end of the dharma travels, I shared a few long days in London with an old college friend, Nancy Stenson — here in a brief crossing of paths at Paddington Station with another old friend from college, Ken East — last time all three were together was 1974,  and in London then too.

20150511_173138with Ken et al


Some much younger pix of the three of us, with Rich, Carl, and Karen —

and one with Paul Devore and baby Heather (that’s me down in the bottom left corner) —

Nancy Ken baby H. and Paul D


After the nostalgia, Nancy and I had a busy two days of London touring — a few highlights follow — but thanks to “improvements” at WordPress I’m not able to control the layout or the relationship of words to images … I had it all worked out in the old style publisher but made the mistake of editing once in the new one … now I cannot access the old style at all … once upon a time WordPress gave me a choice… but in complaining, I digress, and digression allows me to get the next set of words in more or less the right place …

from the National Gallery …2015-05-13 13.41.57

the Tate Britain … then a walk along the water, with views of architectural contrast…



and a post-election tunnel …2015-05-13 19.13.39in Peckham Rye …2015-05-13 19.12.21